The 'Tulipomania/Tulip Mania' exhibition, curated by Ali Bakova and featuring 200 works of 55 designers, was presented to art lovers at the Istanbul Tulip Museum. The exhibition can be seen until April 14.

Stating that Austrian diplomat Ogier Ghislain de Busbecq became fascinated with the tulip after visiting the garden of Suleiman the Magnificent, Bakova said, "With his efforts, the tulip goes to the Netherlands. As a reflection of the West's curiosity about the East, a great craze about the tulip begins." "Tulip is worth the price of an apartment in Amsterdam, and the world's first stock exchange is built on tulips in the Netherlands." said.

Pointing out that the tulip market also rose in the Ottoman Empire during the same period, Bakova said, "This is the period when the Ottoman Empire emulated European culture, but taste also increased. Therefore, the tulip appears as a representation of beauty and aesthetics on the one hand, and a collapsed stock market on the other." he said.

Emphasizing that historians call this period 'Tulipomania', Bakova said:

"We prepared the exhibition by focusing on this naming. In order to explain this situation, we brought together the products of designers who focus on contemporary approaches such as artificial intelligence, CodeArt, video installation, and site-specific VR (Virtual reality) with an interdisciplinary model. Thus, we brought together the differences between art and design." "We have developed a model that eliminates this problem."

The exhibition, which includes 200 works of 55 artists, including Muammer Yanmaz, Genco Gülan, Tijen Samuray, Can Akerson, Chiara de Rocchi, Sıla Şehrazat Yücel, Leyla Taranto and Gürkan Yücel, can be seen until April 14.