Painters Ayşegül Bengü İşcan and Cemil Cahit Yurtseven's "13. The painting exhibition titled "Floor" was organized by Maltepe Municipality Prof. Dr. It was opened at Türkan Saylan Cultural Center.

Cemil Cahit Yurtseven, who is a retired art teacher and met with the art lovers of Maltepe with his 10th personal painting exhibition, stated that the number 13 is considered bad luck in some beliefs and is believed to bring good luck in some societies and said, "We saw the number 13 as lucky and gave our name to our exhibition. Our paintings are the window of timeless moments opening to eternity. The only thing that does not change is the charm and discovery of time, beyond the moment, and the imaginative and imaginative integration of magical moments with the audience.” she said.

Ayşegül Bengü İşcan stated that she mostly included oil painting techniques on canvas in this exhibition and said, “By combining figure and imaginary emotions, I reflected every color of the moment on my canvas. “I included my female-themed portrait works.” said. İşcan and Yurtseven's exhibition will be open to art lovers at Gallery Maltepe until May 20.