Turkish Painter Orhan Taylan, the illustrator of the world-famous May 1 Symbol Posters, passed away.

Taylan's funeral will be held in the family cemetery in Aşiyan Cemetery after the noon prayer at Bebek Mosque on Monday, November 6. Taylan was the illustrator of the two iconic posters of the May 1 celebrations, the calloused hands holding the world in the palm of his hand and the 'chained worker' posters.

Taylan, who was born in Samsun in 1941, finished primary school in Samsun. He graduated from Istanbul American Men's College in 1960.

In accordance with a law introduced by the military coup regime of May 27, 1960, he applied for military service as a reserve officer-teacher. He worked as a teacher in Sazlıköy of Söke for two years.

He went to Italy in 1962 and entered the Rome Academy of Fine Arts. He researched mural painting techniques. He graduated from the Roman Academy in 1966 and returned to Turkey.

He became a member of the Workers' Party of Türkiye. He painted decorative murals. He drew posters and magazine graphics for unions and youth associations.

In 1968, he opened his first personal painting exhibition at the Istanbul Municipality Gallery. He made stage decorations, short film experiments and ceramic works for Vasıf Öngören's plays.

He worked in various collaborations with sculptor Kuzgun Acar and cartoonist Tan Oral.

He painted his first mural at the Antalya International Art Festival held in 1976.

He was elected as the President of the Visual Artists Association. He learned the screen printing technique.

The "May 1" poster he drew received first prize in the international union posters competition held in Prague.

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