The "Second Time" exhibition, in which 15 local and foreign artists depict Bursa in different styles, was opened to visitors in Osmangazi district of Bursa.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who attended the opening ceremony at Tayyare Cultural Center, said, "This exhibition was very exciting and very special for me." said.

Stating that the name of the exhibition was inspired by the expression "second time" used by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar when describing Bursa in his work "Five Cities", Aktaş said, "There is work to be done to reveal this magnificence that our great man of letters saw in Bursa, but there is also a serious need for art." "There is a need for it. Because we always keep in mind the aspect of art that nourishes our soul and enriches our perspective." he said.

Aktaş emphasized that each artist who supported the exhibition with their works reflects the historical and cultural structure of Bursa very well with their perspectives, and said that the exhibition will be carried to different provinces.

In his statement, the curator of the exhibition, İsmail Erdoğan, stated that he has a special love for Bursa and said, "This is a beloved city in terms of Ottoman culture. It is a city that constantly attracts and beckons people with its very different structures and the different sounds evoked by those structures." he said.

"While we were thinking about what we could do for Bursa, our paths crossed with Kültür A.Ş.. We agreed with them on the idea of telling Bursa to the people of Bursa, and what this city is known for, through different eyes. This project also has this side. These works are at the same time like a notebook or a puzzle. It also turns into products that touch our lives. In this context, I started to organize the work and brought together artists from different fields. I told them about this idea. They liked it very much. Afterwards, we hosted our artists in Bursa, took them to certain places in Bursa and showed them around. They asked us about their own Bursa. "We wanted them to show it. They reflected what they saw about this city in their works, within the framework of their own style, and this was the result."

Artist Aygül Okutan, who participated in the exhibition with two works, stated that she drew the Green Tomb in her first work and said, "Bursa is very important to me. It is my favorite city after Istanbul. I made this work with a lot of inspiration. There is the entrance of the Green Tomb and the figure of a dervish. "On the advice of someone living in Bursa, I set out and made this work inspired by the face of Fahri Dede, one of the locals of this place." said.

Regarding his second work, Okutan said, "There is a series that I started three years ago. I paint the dances of different countries and nations. In this work, I painted a traditional dance of Turkey for the first time. I feel a different energy when I draw traditional dances. Because traditional dance is not a normal thing, "It's a cultural code dating back centuries." made his assessment.

Hikmet Barutçugil, Cemal Toy, Ahmet EĞİTen, Engin Korkmaz, Levent Karaduman, Dağıstan Çetinkaya, Zafer Örs, Mehlika Hilal Kırca, Yasin Yaman, Büşra Yurtseven, Hüseyin Ünlü and Ömer Faruk Boyacı, as well as Chinese artists Ali Lei Gong and Said Lei. He contributed to the exhibition with his works.

The exhibition can be visited until February 5.