Istanbul Gelişim University brought together art lovers with the exhibition titled "International Selections from Past to Future", where the works of 33 artists from 13 different countries were exhibited at Gelişim Art Gallery. Organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts and curated by Prof. Dr. The exhibition by İsmet Çavuşoğlu will be presented to visitors until February 5.

'International Selections from Past to Future' exhibition; While 33 different artists from various countries such as England, Bulgaria, the United States, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Slovenia participated with their works; Works produced with many different techniques such as painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics and digital art are presented to art lovers. Curated by Prof. Dr. The exhibition by İsmet Çavuşoğlu can be visited until February 5.


Participating in the opening ceremony, Rector of Istanbul Gelişim University Prof. Dr. Bahri Şahin said, “Our university evaluates art separately from other sciences; We provide positive discrimination to art. Because humanity needs art. We are trying to highlight art and social sciences alongside technical sciences. Civilization has three pillars. These; social innovation, artistic innovation and technical innovation. If one doesn't exist, the other doesn't exist. We say; Let technical scientists, artistic scientists and social scientists come together around big projects. Without artistic design, a product is missing, not complete. When I look at the works made by our artists; I see some of them having a direct relationship with the industry. In fact, we say let's bring the artists to the field. In other words, as IGU, we desire an output-based education. Including art; "We care about quality, not quantity, in every field," he said.

Curator Prof. stated that the working style and expression of all the works in the exhibition are different. Dr. İsmet Çavuşoğlu said, “In our exhibition, we provided a global approach by bringing what is happening in the world here and brought art lovers together here. We see technological touches in some paintings and compositions. We can say that technology and art come together. "Our goal is to popularize the art culture in our university and raise it to a good level," he said.

The artists who participated in the exhibition with their works are as follows:

“Ergin Çavuşoğlu, Dimitar Çolakov, Valeri Çakalov, Suzan Çavuşoğlu, Plamen Prodanov, Iliya Ivanov, Hafize Topaloğlu, Ramil Memmedov, Bahtiyar Yusufov, Gianna Kalogianni, Aleksandır Belugin, Pavlina Kopano, Anka Kraşna, İsmet Çavuşoğlu, Metin Kuş, İsmail Avcı, Basri Erdem, Ahmet Özel, Erdem Çağla, Aysun Cançat, Nuri Sezer, Şermin Ayşe Tepe, Dilara Mataracı, Ceren İren, Merve Denizci, Mustafa Günay, Ömer Faruk Söyler, Murat Karaova, Burak Boyraz, Selahattin Ganiz, Erol Yıldır, Zeynep Abacı, Sibel Avcı Tuğal.”