Talip Keser's second personal exhibition, called 'Surc-i Lisan', will open in the USA on March 1. Keser, who started painting with the guidance of his primary school teacher, continues his work in his attic workshop in Kızılcasöğüt town of Uşak.

The second personal exhibition of Painter Talip Keser, one of the representatives of contemporary painting, called 'Surc-i Lisan', will meet art lovers on March 1 at GB Art Gallery in New Jersey, USA. Talip Keser deals entirely with the subconscious in his abstract works; He reflects the reflections of his mind in pursuit of the unpredictable, without being bound by space, color and time, in his works. The artist, who creates compositions with optical illusions and rich color layers created on the surface with gestural brush strokes and dense paint masses, said: "I try to convey the thoughts in my subconscious while painting, to help the viewer feel this from his own point of view, to ensure that my works always keep their existence alive by gaining a different meaning in every eye that looks at it." "I want to provide it," he says.

Painter Talip Keser, who has been painting since the age of 8 and currently continues his work in his attic workshop in Uşak's Kızılcasöğüt town, tells his exhibition, which will host a total of 14 pieces, and his success story that extends to the USA, with the following words: "I have been painting for 25 years. My primary school teacher had a great influence on me starting and continuing painting. In primary school, my teacher said to my father, "If Talip does not study art, I will not forgive him." A child's best chance is to meet a good teacher at a young age. I came across that teacher. I came to this day with the support of my family. My priority in this exhibition is to introduce my works to the world and to say that we exist as abstract art. "While we are going through a very difficult time as a world, we need art, which is a common language that can shed light on all problems, to remove borders even more."

Talip Keser was born in Uşak in 1990. After graduating from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Fine Arts Painting Department, he participated in many group exhibitions. Keser, who opened his first solo exhibition at Nişart Gallery in Istanbul in 2018, has exhibited in Turkey and around the world, especially the ''Art Shopping'' Corrousel de Louvre held in Paris, and Art Basel, known as the most important art festival held every year in Miami. He participated in important exhibitions and art fairs.