Süleyman Karakul celebrates his 50th artistic anniversary...
The story of the Anatolian peasant reflected on canvas

The '50th Year of Linear Transformation' exhibition met with art lovers in Ankara. The works, which reflect Süleyman Karakul's 50-year line, focus on the virtues of families producing in agricultural lands that have not been subjected to mechanization.

Famous painter Süleyman Karakul, who has reflected the warmth of Anatolia, the smell of the country, and the labor of the peasants in the fields in his paintings for half a century, celebrated his 50th artistic year with the exhibition titled "50th Year in Linear Transformation", which he opened in Ankara.
Examples of the works produced by Karakul in his half-century-long uninterrupted artistic life were presented to the painter's friends and art lovers in the exhibition opened at Sevgi Art Gallery. Former minister of justice Hikmet Sami Türk was among those who attended the exhibition.

In the introductory article of the exhibition, art writer Abidin Celal Binzet, while talking about Karakul, who celebrates the 50th anniversary of his artistic life, emphasizes the fact that the main theme he persistently brought up in the same period of time is the Anatolian peasant, and describes him as follows:
“There are certain turning points in an artist's life. Half a century is not a short time to devote to art. While confronting art, the artist, in a sense, also confronts himself. He is a model who continues his same artistic line with determination. When you look at his works, his audience is greeted with topics that always focus on the same point. First of all, it is the sustainer of the geography from which it emerged on the canvas. While doing this, he continues to stand within the patterns of the figurative tradition as a principled attitude. The unchanging background on his canvases is our barren lands. It tells us about the poverty of the villagers who work and sweat in the shadow of traditional agriculture. In this form, Karakul celebrates life far removed from an agricultural economy untouched by mechanization. It is known that the living space keeps the values produced with the participation of a family on its agenda as if it is telling about an event that is foreign to today's people. With a simple explanation and technique...
“It does not go unnoticed that the figures in his paintings mostly highlight the concept of family. Especially the presence of women and children other than the male figure is also significant. The most fundamental point here is about the imaginary existence of women... The people in Karakul's paintings continue to live as concrete examples of a model that works hard in production with women, men and children and faces life together. "The point reached today by the artist, who has left fifty years behind in art, shows a point where a considerable accumulation of knowledge leaves the world of thought and materializes on the canvas."

Stating that he wanted to show where he came from with the exhibition, Karakul told Aydınlık:
“As always, Aydınlık's sensitivity towards art and artists continues. This makes us happy. This exhibition represents my 50 years in art. We wanted to show where we came from. I mostly focus on human relations in rural areas, the spirit of cooperation, solidarity and collaboration that used to be alive but unfortunately is not alive now. I try to imagine that nature cannot exist without humans and humans cannot exist without nature, and I interpret nature. I am especially trying to explain soil and land structure with my own linear method. I'm trying to convey the potholes, bumps, distance and closeness there with tones. We continue at this point as a result of a 50-year adventure.
I have opened 56 exhibitions so far. I participated in numerous group exhibitions. Thanks to many institutions, they rewarded and encouraged him. Our artistic life continues this way. “It will continue as long as our health allows.”

Saying that it is a matter of pride that the 50th year of art coincides with the 100th anniversary of our Republic, Karakul stated that many institutions organized exhibitions for the 100th anniversary and that he supported them with his paintings. Sharing the information that he participated in the competition in the Machinery Specialized Industrial Zone in Gebze and received the third prize, Karakul said, “We always support competitions and exhibitions about the 100th anniversary of our Republic. “We will continue to give.” said.

The "50th Year of Linear Transformation" painting exhibition can be visited until December 2.

Born in 1952 in Sivas/Şarkışla E.Hüyük Village, Süleyman Karakul graduated from Gazi Education Institute Painting Department in 1974. In 1986, he completed his undergraduate education at Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Department of Graphics. The artist, who retired in 2001 after working as an art teacher for many years, also worked in areas such as advertising graphics, book and magazine cover editing and caricatures.
The artist participated in many group exhibitions and opened 56 (fifty-six) personal exhibitions. He received the 68's FOUNDATION 30th Anniversary Activities Painting Labor Award, SAKÜDER 2015 Special Art Award, Turkish Pharmacists Association 60th Anniversary Special Jury Award and the 3rd Prize in the Machinery Specialized Organized Industrial Zone "100th Anniversary of the Republic" Painting Competition. . The artist, whose works are in public and private collections, still continues his works in his own workshop in Ankara.