The exhibition titled 'The State of Being', which includes the 18-meter painting of the famous painter Seçil Erel, who says it is possible to think, see and show the universe in a different way, will meet art lovers at Adas Istanbul on May 4.

London-based, Turkish-British contemporary artist Seçil's paintings, specially produced for the exhibition, will meet with visitors at Adas Istanbul between 4 May 2024. The 18-meter long Being of the painter, who built bridges between the two countries, set out from England and was delivered to Istanbul with the main transportation sponsor THY and the other transportation sponsor ALFA Freight, and consists of 12 pieces. In addition to this magnificent work of 1.80m x 18m, the exhibition also includes Seçil's work (Harmoni), which was created by combining 30 canvases of 30x30cm in size with a modular setup.

Seçil Erel chose Being, which she also chose as her surname during her transformation journey, as the name of her exhibition. Rupert Spira's book, which said, "It is my state of being that shines a being in everything," and the interview he attended at Oxford, and associates it with meditation practices. In his readings and experiences, as well as Spira, the artist states that he found himself able to abandon himself to the field he discovered at a very early age. The fiction throughout the exhibition is associated with this metaphysical field.

The painter's works generally find artistic expression by using various forms to convey abstract concepts and experiences and transforming metaphysical insights into an aesthetic visual form through the language of geometry. While the symbolic importance of patterns inspired by the universe of geometry is explored on his canvases, different aspects of the metaphysical world and inner experiences are also represented. From one perspective, one can also see here how works of art serve as a visual manifestation of philosophical inquiries, embodying the interconnectedness of spiritual concepts and mathematical precision.

The interaction between abstract concepts and concrete forms in the geometric universe of Seçil, who carries the intention of "building bridges" into her works, is very striking. Those who want to think about the importance of Seçil's artistic practice, which underlines the symbiotic relationship between metaphysics and geometry in her works, are invited to experience the exhibition first-hand.

The exhibition can be viewed at Adas Istanbul until May 4, 2024.