Best Art Gallery hosts Simge Kalfaoğlu's personal painting exhibition titled "Dream" between 24 November and 9 December 2023.

The exhibition opened with the participation of art lovers and press members on November 24, Teachers' Day, and includes 39 works of the artist. The exhibition refers to the indescribable color of the dream, the subtle mystery of the symbols and images of the subconscious waiting to be solved. While the images and symbols in the paintings invite the viewer to a colorful dream, they also announce in a fairytale-like language that dreams are the reality of man.

The artist says, "I tried to paint the expression of its indescribable color, referring to a never-forgotten colorful dream." For example, the fish image it symbolizes, according to him; He adds that although it evokes living quietly, easily and in the flow of life, "the meaning of the image may vary for everyone."

The animal figures in the paintings are there to express the undeniable power of intuition. They live with their intuition throughout their lives, protect themselves in this way, and already know everything through their intuition. As a person turns down the voice of his intuition, he experiences another soul, an artificial mind, far from the nature and natural flow of life, dominated by anxiety. The artist, who symbolizes his references to the nature of life and being in its natural flow with the elements of nature, states that in his works, he always deals with subjects such as the dream atmosphere, the expression of a fairy tale, original portraits, theatrical body expression, the distance between reality and dreams, and the power of intuition in life, under the umbrella of existentialism. .

Best Art Gallery Founder and Curator of the exhibition Meryem İpek said, "Our artist Simge Kalfaoğlu's exhibition in our gallery invites the viewer to dream of the paintings she produces in a figurative sense with a colorist style."

Address: Ahmet Fetgari Sk. No: 24 Teşvikiye – Nişantaşı / Istanbul