The new works of painter Gülfem Kessler, brought together under the title 'Pathosformel', will meet art lovers at Labirent Sanat between 15 February and 6 April 2024.

Painter Gülfem Kessler's paintings, which we brought together within the framework of the Pathosformel concept, will meet art lovers at Labirent Sanat starting from February 15th.

Pathosformel, Aby Warburg's emotions and feelings from ancient times to the present day; It is the concept used to describe the repetition of facial expressions, body postures, hand movements and accessories. Pathosformel is a kind of cultural subconscious. It is the recording of some stances and attitudes in the visual memory of humanity with a common historical awareness. Warburg's focus was to carry the universal emotional patterns of man from the ancient extensions of the Renaissance to the present day by describing the movement of images through memory. Pictorial forms, which he calls pathos formulas, store the energy of body language, mark memories, leave traces, and through art, these emotions are embodied and transferred to the viewer.

The Pathosformel exhibition brings new meanings and possibilities to the present by detaching the images of the past from their place/time, connecting them to the present, and allowing the images to be reborn. While the exhibition allows us to grasp the relationship between humans and the external chaotic world that surrounds them, the emotional states of humanity through facial and body movements, it also invites us to explore different surfaces, forms and vibrations of matter by concretizing them through images and gathering them around common emotions.

In the exhibition, Kessler's painting titled "Remembrance of the Past" is depicted with her back facing us, the s-movement or curve of her body as she takes her right leg one step forward, her long hair blending into the waves in the sea and drawing spirals, "Venus Rising from the Sea". It brings back memories from the depths of the past that have seen the scene before. Of course, the figure standing before us is not Venus rising from the water, but perhaps the entire spiritual legacy of humanity's evolution, reborn from the memory of the artist.

In almost all of the works in the Pathosformel exhibition, the existence of emotional patterns regarding the existential unrest, social fears, excitements, enthusiasms and anxieties of the individual encountering the world can be easily read through the body language and facial expressions of the figures.

You can see Gülfem Kessler's exhibition titled Pathosformel at Labirent Sanat until April 6.