Ada Modern Art Gallery started to host the personal painting exhibition of painter Sema Barlas called 'Voices and Faces'. The exhibition, consisting of Barlas's recent paintings, can be visited until December 10.

Master painter Sema Barlas, known for her female sensitivity and human images, was the guest of Ada Modern Art Gallery, which has brought the city together with masters of art since the day it was opened in cooperation with Kuşadası Municipality and Kuşadası Altın Güvercin Culture, Art and Promotion Foundation (KUSAV). A cocktail was held at Ada Modern Art Gallery for the opening of Barlas's exhibition titled 'Voices and Faces'. Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Ada Modern Art Gallery Art Director and KUSAV President Levent Köylü said; "We are hosting Sema Barlas, a valuable artist, at Ada Modern Art Gallery. Ada Modern Art Gallery, which continues its art life in cooperation with Kuşadası Municipality and KUSAV, has been very happy and proud to host very valuable artists since the day it was opened. As long as there are people who watch, more people follow. "The more works of art gain meaning. I commemorate Metin Uca, who passed away, with respect and love here," he said.

Exhibition curator İbrahim Karaoğlu said, “We are all in the paintings of artist Sema Barlas. Our artist translates other images with his own image in his works. The focus is on people. "When we watch Sema Barlas's paintings, we listen to the people behind that image as pictures," he said.

In her short speech, painter Sema Barlas said, "I would like to thank Kuşadası Municipality and KUSAV. I am very happy to be in Kuşadası. I wish art lovers a good time."

In his speech, Kuşadası Deputy Mayor Oğuzhan Turan said, “I convey the greetings and respects of our Kuşadası Mayor Ömer Günel. We are happy and proud to host our very valuable artist Sema Barlas at Ada Modern Art Gallery. "We thank him for coming to Kuşadası and being with us," she said.

Kuşadası Deputy Mayors Oğuzhan Turan and Seyfi Seyhan Suvari, KUSAV President Levent Köylü, artist Sema Barlas, exhibition curator İbrahim Karaoğlu and many art lovers attended the cocktail.