Nurten Balaban

Who is Nurten Balaban?

Drawing strong, free figures in their solitude, Nurten Balaban takes care to draw nature and animals in her works. Here is Nurten Balaban’s life story…

He was born in Samsun in 1977. In 1995, he entered the Anatolian Fine Arts High School in Samsun with honors. In 1998, he entered İnönü University as an art teacher with a degree and graduated in 2002.

He won many awards in painting and graphics competitions during his high school and university years. The artist has been drawing beautiful, charming and strong, free figures in his own style for 18 years. In his works, he brought nature, animals, and all world cultures, starting from Anatolia, into his works.

The works contain multi-colour, fairytale-like, melodic and simple expression. These rosy-cheeked, big-eyed women consist of compositions in which everyone can find happiness. His works can be found in many foreign collections and collectors. Chief among these are: Germany, Japan, Iran, Russia and the Netherlands.

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