The 7th edition of BASE, which brings together the works of newly graduated artists from all over Turkey with art lovers under the same roof, will be held between 13-17 December, hosted by Akaretler Sıraevler, in cooperation with Bilgili Sanat.

BASE, which has been organized for 7 years with the mission of supporting the creativity and production motivation of newly graduated artists and improving their dialogue with art professionals and art audiences, will bring together the works of the artists graduating in 2023 this year. T.R. With the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; Hosted by Bilgili Sanat and Akaretler Sıraevler, with the main sponsorship of Trendyol Sanat; BASE, which will be held for the seventh time this year with the co-sponsorship of Jumbo, Kale Design and Art Center (KTSM) and TEB Private Banking, will reveal the perspectives of new generation artists on the world and art, as every year.

The 2023 applications of BASE, which has a very vocal selection committee consisting of valuable names from the art world every year; Ahmet Doğu İpek, Alp Sime, Belkıs Balpınar, Derya Yücel, Ebru Nalan Sülün, Erkan Özgen, Erol Tabanca, Günnur Özsoy, Mehtap Baydu, Misal Adnan Yıldız, Neriman Polat, Ömer Özyürek, Selen Sarıoğlu Süloş, Tayfun Erdoğmuş, Volkan Aslan and Yasemin Özcan evaluated it.
Derya Yücel, curator of BASE, describes this year's theme of Turkey's joint graduation exhibition BASE, 'IN REALITY, ON THE EDGE OF DREAMS', as follows:

“Art is a phenomenon that has been referenced by both reality and imagination since its birth. Art, which reveals its own alternative reality through deep contact with the world, also produces an imaginary dimension. The relationship of a work of art with reality varies depending on the social, cultural and economic conditions in which it is produced. Whether the source of the impulse that lays the groundwork for artistic production is social or individual, art is the creative interpretation of life within a complex and endless reality system. Therefore, there is an unbreakable bond between the art image and reality, which may become relatively blurry but cannot be eliminated.

Today's artists reflect their interpretations of the reality they live in in their productions through observation, analogy, transfer or fiction and metaphor. Artists can distort reality by denying it, consciously move away from this phenomenon, try to transcend, reject or break it. Artists share their own plans for reality, that is, their dreams, through their works. The title “Inside Reality, On the Edge of Dreams” brings together the interpretations of reality and dreams by newly graduated young artists in the BASE 2023 selection. "While the exhibition creates a stage that contains the artists' feelings, thoughts and dreams, it also points out the connections between reality and dreams that are designed beyond their counterparts in life, and the differences and commonalities in their polyphonic journeys of despair and hope."
BASE will be open to visitors free of charge between 11:00-19:00 every day between 13 December and 17 December.