Who is Nevruz Erken?

Nevruz Erken, born on March 21, 1957 in Kayseri-Pınarbaşı, graduated from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts Painting Department and completed the Salzburg Summer School Painting Seminar.
The artist, who has held more than twenty personal exhibitions in Paris Art Fair, Osaka Art Biennial, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hungary, Abkhazia, Gabarday-Bolkar and in the country, is in many official and private collections, especially Vakıflar Bankası, Akbank, Ak Sigorta. There are works.
Nevruz Erken, who worked as the manager of the Social Services Child Protection Agency Cultural Center for a while, is currently the Art Consultant of Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center and continues his painting works in his own workshop.

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