The exhibition "My Red Line is Art" hosts the abstract expressions of Nurtaç Özler.

Cumhuriyet Cultural Center invites art lovers to a journey into the depths of abstract art until February 18. The personal exhibition titled "My Red Line Art" displays the works of artist Nurtaç Özler, in which she started with the collage technique and turned to abstract expression. In her works, Nurtaç Özler examines the concepts that preoccupy her and ensures that what is felt is reflected, not what is seen. In his works, he uses a palette ranging from the most colorless to the most colorful, creating a color scale that varies depending on the use of paint and materials. For example, while exploring the colorless reflections of white, beige and paper bag colors on natural undyed papers, it also reveals the collision and contrast of very bright colors. Born in Izmir in 1944, Nurtaç Özler received his art education at the Turkish-American Cultural Association art branch under the guidance of Refik Epikman and Lütfü Günay. He was among the founders of the Six Group from 1968 to 1998 and organized exhibitions in Ankara and various cities of Anatolia. Additionally, as a member of the United Painters and Sculptors Association, he participated in various group exhibitions and won various awards. While the artist's works are included in various collections at home and abroad, he served as Art Director at Karaca Education Center Art Gallery in Ankara between 1997 and 2008. Özler, who draws attention with his works in an abstract-expressionist approach, deals with part-whole relations, images and codes, the essence of life, and the themes of formation-transformation in his paintings. Don't miss the exhibition and step into the colorful world of the artist.