The group exhibition 'Journeys and Memories', which brings together the individual works of seven artists and their artistic journey, meets the audience at Trump Art Gallery. Büşra Aktekinoğlu Babat, Mahmut Can Akagündüz, Mehmet Babat, Pınar Bora, Samet Öztürk, Utku Öksüz and Zeynel Abidin Koşarca take part with their works in the exhibition, which will meet with art lovers between July 3 and August 31.
Journeys and memories are two intertwined threads that weave the masonry of our lives. The fabric of our being is the stories that define us, the footprints we leave behind. A journey begins with a single step, a leap of faith into the unknown. We set out with a sense of purpose, with a goal in mind, but the path we follow is never straight. It twists and turns, taking us on unexpected winding roads, through rough terrain and gentle valleys, through oceans and deserts, into the heart of the unknown. “The sights and sounds, the textures and tastes, the people we meet along the way, they all become a part of us. They shape our work, broaden our horizons and fill us with a sense of wonder,” said seven artists. “Our memories remind us of where we are, where we are going, the lessons we have learned and the challenges we have overcome. Thus, we always continue to travel forward, guided by the memories that we have accumulated and that have not yet arrived. “We walk the road embracing the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the beauty and the chaos.” In the group exhibition "Journeys and Memories";

Curated by Kenan Bahadır Derre, the exhibition can be visited at Trump Art Gallery on the B2 floor of Trump Shopping Center between July 3 and August 31.


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