Çankaya Municipality brought together Painter Ahmet Umur Deniz's "Homeless Bodies" exhibition with art lovers in the capital. The exhibition, which opened on February 9, can be visited until the end of February.

Çankaya Municipality Doğan Taşdelen Contemporary Arts Center hosts the "Homeless Bodies" exhibition by painter and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Painting Department Lecturer Ahmet Umur Deniz.

The exhibition, curated by Semra Sancak, was opened to the visitors of the Capital City on February 9. The exhibition consists of 300 works depicting events that took place in the Anatolian geography and left their mark on history.

With his works, artist Ahmet Umur Deniz conveys the road map of social history through art history, from the Sheikh Bedreddin Rebellion to the Gezi Resistance, from the 'Sentinels' who resisted the profit culture to the 'Refugees' who were forced to leave their lands.

The exhibition, which will be open until February 29, 2024, can be visited every day of the week between 09.00-20.00 at Doğan Taşdelen Contemporary Arts Center.