The group exhibition titled "Female Soul", featuring the works of 8 female artists, meets art lovers at Kaş Art Gallery between 6 and 23 March 2024.

On March 8, Working Women's Day, which was celebrated under the sponsorship of Kaş Art Gallery to emphasize the rights and freedoms of women, 8 innovative artist women who devoted themselves to art, defended freedom of thought and wanted to give strong messages to the society were highly appreciated with their exhibition project titled "Female Soul". they collected.

Prof. Curated by Nilay Kan Büyükişliyen, 8 artists working in different styles aim to convey their sensitivity to the diversity and power of women to the society with their works.

The exhibition includes works by Nilay Kan Büyükişliyen, Meral Yıldız, Melike Karabulut, Sibel Ünalan, Günsu Saraçoğlu, Birgül Erkan, Gözde Atlas and Deniz Say.

Curator of the exhibition Prof. Nilay Kan Büyükişliyen said about the exhibition: "While March 8 International Women's Day provides an opportunity to focus on the achievements of women and celebrate their place in society, this exhibition named "Female Soul" provides a platform to highlight the important contributions of women in the field of art. "While this event will offer an inspiring experience to art lovers, it will also draw attention to the important place of women in art," he said.

Address: Kalamis Cd. No: 53 Fenerbahçe – Kadıköy / Istanbul