Who is Ergün Öksüz?

Ergün Öksüz, one of the remarkable painters of the capital Ankara, stands out with his nature paintings. Sections from the artistic life of Ergün Öksüz, student of painter Hüseyin Sarıtaş;
Ergün Öksüz was born in Sivas Divriği and has been painting for 35 years. After completing his high school education, Öksüz went to Germany and took art lessons while continuing his education. Painting takes part in the life of the painter, who opened a glassware shop when he returned to Ankara. At work, he transfers his works as landscape and oil paints to canvas.
Let’s hear from Ergün Öksüz’s own words about his start as a painter:
“Hüseyin Sartaş was the one who taught me painting and made me love it. Nature is at the forefront in your paintings… Nature works make me very happy. I also do portrait work, but nature is in the foreground. We often go out into nature with friends. “I experience every place I go.”

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