T.R. Ephesus Culture Road Festival, the 10th stop of the Turkey Culture Road Festivals, one of the world's most comprehensive culture and arts projects organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, continues with special events in Izmir.

Izmir Culture and Arts Factory, the main base of the Ephesus Cultural Road Festival, is the first stop of the visitors. Izmir Alsancak Tekel Factory, one of the important elements of the industrial heritage with its 140-year history, was revived as the Izmir Culture and Arts Factory after the original restoration, renovation and reconstruction works carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Izmir Culture and Arts Factory hosts the most special events, open-air concerts, talks and exhibitions of the Ephesus Cultural Road Festival. Two master names of Turkish Cinema will also host the Türkan Şoray-Ediz Hun conversation at the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory Open Air Stage. The conversation will take place on November 3 (today) in the pleasant atmosphere of the factory. In addition to Ali Congun, Okan Cabalar and Large L Stand Up Shows, the Love and Comedy show with Nilgün Belgün will also be among the Izmir Culture and Arts Factory Open Air Stage events.

Opera and ballet events will also meet art lovers in the following days of the festival. On November 3 (today), the ballet "Woman with Camellias" will be performed by the Antalya State Opera and Ballet, on November 4 (tomorrow), the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Conductor Hasan Niyazi Tura will perform the "Aegean Symphony" concert, and on November 5, the Turkish folk "Neşet Ertaş Folk Songs with Symphony" under the direction of the popular soloists of music, Nilgün Kızılcı and İsmail Altunsaray, and Conductor Eray İnal, will meet the audience within the scope of the Ephesus Culture Road Festival.

As part of the Izmir Culture Road Festival, Prof. was at the Historical Alsancak Train Station-Conference Hall the previous evening. Dr. There was a program called Dosta Doğru with Nihat Hatipoğlu. Citizens of Izmir showed great interest in the conversation that took place with the Fırat Türkmen-Ahmet Fescioğlu recital. Workshops on Cultural Paths continue to attract attention. Monotype Printing Workshop will be held on November 3 (today) at Turgut Pura Foundation Workshop at 17.00. Sevinç Çizer's Ceramics is Civilization workshop will be held at the Painting and Sculpture Museum at 17.00.

Theaters attract great attention within the scope of the Ephesus Cultural Road Festival. Bozkurt is on the Kuruç Stage

Recently, Süheyl and Behzat Uygur Theater's 'Hey Gidi Günler' play and Ali Poyrazoğlu Theater's 'Help Song' play met with the audience. As part of the festival, the 'Woman with a Camellia' show will be performed by Antalya State Opera and Ballet at 20.00 at the Necdet Aydın Stage today, on November 3. The Ahmet Kuşkaya-Abdullah Beyhan concert will take place today (November 3) at 18.00 at the historical Alsancak Train Station-Conference Hall.

Kolekta, which aims to make contemporary art production in Turkey accessible to large audiences while also keeping the digital archive of contemporary art as its mission, met with art lovers for the first time in Izmir within the scope of the Ephesus Culture Road Festival with its new exhibition series 'Far Near'. Far Near Exhibitions Vol.I Izmir was presented to art lovers in Izmir with a selection of works by nearly 100 artists producing in the field of contemporary art. Far Near Vol.I Izmir will meet with visitors in 2 venues, 'Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum Kültürpark Art Gallery' and 'Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum Art and History Gallery' until 28 November. Cultural institutions such as Arkas Sanat and Folkart Gallery in Izmir were also included in the festival and, in a sense, were gathered under one roof throughout the festival. Two valuable artists who were educated with the Republican revolutions and have historical importance as the first generation whose artistic works were shaped in the light of these revolutions; "Two Image Travelers/Nejad Devrim, Mübin Orhon Exhibition", consisting of the works of Nejad Devrim and Mübin Orhon, can be visited at Arkas Art Center during and after the festival until February 18. "A Star Flowing in the Dark Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Exhibition" to be exhibited at Folkart Gallery is one of the most special routes of the festival. The exhibition will start with the Ephesus Cultural Road Festival and can be visited during and after the festival until April 2024.

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