Who is Emre Acar?

Emre Acar, who depicts the mental states of individuals during the trauma processes they experience, comes to the fore with his non-material, emotional portrait-figure paintings created in the image. The artist’s view of painting and his short life story are as follows:
He was born in Kastamonu in 1998. In 2015, he received pattern training in the workshop of painter Sait Civcioğlu. She graduated from Ondokuz Mayıs University, Department of Art Teaching in 2020. During his undergraduate education, Prof.Dr. He received painting training at İbrahim Halil Türker workshop. The artist, who has taken part in many group exhibitions with his works, continues his works in his workshop in Istanbul.
Artist; In his works, individuals’ past lives such as domestic violence, accidents, deaths, serious illnesses, etc. are depicted. It depicts the mental state of the person during the trauma he experienced as a result. The artist focuses on the psychological crises and traumas that recur and come to mind after individuals remain numb, in the artist’s words, “the gap between dream and wakefulness”, and the faces and traces left behind by these traumas; He stands out with his immaterial, emotional portrait-figure paintings created in images. Even though the faces in his works carry negative traces of the past or present, they are left as an open-ended story in which the viewer is invited to draw his own conclusion by establishing a connection.

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