To celebrate Devrim Erbil's 60th artistic anniversary, the 'Inspirations' exhibition, which includes the works of the master painter and 34 of his artist friends, will be exhibited at the Istanbul Cinema Museum between 20 April and 30 June, curated by Renk Erbil.

The 'Inspirations' exhibition, which was launched to celebrate Devrim Erbil's 60th artistic anniversary, is preparing to meet art lovers at the temporary exhibition hall of the Istanbul Cinema Museum. In addition to the never-before-exhibited works of Erbil, the legendary name of Turkish modern art, produced with different techniques such as oil painting, silk carpet and NFT, the works of 34 valuable artists with whom the master has walked together in 60 years will provide modern art enthusiasts with a unique modern art experience.

The exhibition, which will be held by the London-based Renko London organization, founded by Renk Erbil and carrying out creative projects that carry Turkish modern art beyond the age, will meet art lovers between 20 April and 30 June. As an artist who observes the 60-year history of Istanbul, Erbil's works depicting various aspects of the city and inspired by the rhythm and movement of life will take art enthusiasts on a unique art journey in Istanbul.

In the exhibition; A. Cem Şahin, Aydın Ayan, Bahri Genç, Beste Alperat, Can Ayan, Celalettin Tandoğdu, Çiğdem Erbil, Emirhan Bıçakcı, Ercüment Kalmık, Eren Eyüboğlu, Ergin İnan, Erol Evgin, Esra Meral, Fethi Arda, Gülten İmamoğlu, Hanefi Yeter, Works by Kudret Türküm, Memiş Aslan, Mustafa Pilevneli, Nezih Çavuşoğlu, Nezir Korkmaz, Renk Erbil, Sadık Altınok, Saime Taktak, Şebnem Bahar, Süleyman Saim Tekcan, Tanju Demirci, Turan Erol, Yasemin Öztürk, Zühtü Müridoğlu will also be featured.

The exhibition, which will be held specifically for Devrim Erbil's 60th artistic anniversary, will take place at the Istanbul Cinema Museum, located in a building with a history of nearly 200 years, located on Istiklal Street in Beyoğlu, one of the most important art and culture centers of Istanbul.