Who is Derya Yıldız?

Derya Yıldız, who highlights contemporary women in her works, defines painting as a form of love.
Derya Yıldız, who started painting in childhood, was born in Ankara in 1972. She graduated from Gazi Faculty of Education, Department of Art Teaching with honors. In addition to his art work, the artist, who works as a visual arts instructor, has opened seventeen personal exhibitions and participated in art fairs, international art workshops and many group exhibitions at home and abroad.
In her recent works, she mainly focuses on contemporary women, whom she depicts with various instruments. It emphasizes the ability of women to harmoniously blend contemporary life, which they build on the foundations of their own existence. In accordance with this background of ideas, a solid brush pattern next to the stains shapes the search for feminine harmony in the artist’s imagination on the canvas.
In his own words, “Woman; it is color, light and sound.”
Yıldız defines herself by saying, “Painting is a form of love.”
Derya Yıldız, who has many works in domestic and international private collections, continues her works in her workshop in Ankara.

Personal Exhibitions:
Since 2019, it has been continuing all its exhibitions at Galeri Soyut, one of the most important galleries in Turkey.
2022- Berlin Turkish Embassy Exhibition Hall
2019- Gülden Özkan Art Gallery, Istanbul
2019- Eylül Art Gallery, Istanbul
2018- Antalya Fasion Week Creation Design Fashion Show and Exhibition
2018-UKKSA (International Knidos Culture and Arts Academy), Datça
2018- Sanko Art Gallery, Gaziantep
2017- Gülden Özkan Art Gallery, Istanbul
2016- Kambur Art Gallery, Istanbul
2015- UKKSA (International Knidos Culture and Arts Academy), Datça
2015- Maya Art Art Gallery, Istanbul
2015- Turkuvaz Art Gallery, Ankara
2012- RC Art Gallery, Bilkent Ankara
2011- Accueli Sainte Pulcherie Art Gallery
2011- Bude Art Gallery, Ankara
2007- National Lottery Fortune Bird Art Gallery, Ankara

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