Mustafa Altıntaş passed away from multiple organ failure.

Mustafa Altıntaş; He will be buried in the Kavaklıdere cemetery after the funeral prayer that will be held at Ankara Kavaklıdere Mosque on Monday, April 15 (today).

As Bodrum Gündem family, we wish God's mercy on the deceased and offer our condolences and patience to his grieving family...

Who is Mustafa Altıntaş?

Mustafa Altıntaş was born on June 15, 1946 in Akşehir. He received his first art education at Gazi Education Institute, Department of Painting. He held many exhibitions before going to Paris with a French scholarship he won in 1970. Upon his arrival in Paris, he settled in a workshop at the international artists site "CITE INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS" and enrolled in the Paris School of Fine Arts "E.N.S.B.A", where he worked on painting and monumental paintings, especially in the workshops of Gustave Singier and Jean Bertholle. He graduated with a Higher Plastic Arts diploma in 1973. Between 1974 and 1976, he worked at TRT Ankara T.V. He also worked as a cameraman. He completed his master's degree at the Sorbonne University Faculty of Cinema between 1976-80. He became a student of famous filmmakers such as the famous cinema historian Jean Mitry, Eric Rohmer, Jean Rouch and Michel Ciment. He has made many documentaries and experiential films. Some of these films participated in international festivals. He exhibited his multidisciplinary works in international biennials, festivals, and many personal and group exhibitions in France and various countries in Europe between 1970-95. He also gave painting lessons at a private Fine Arts School in Paris between 1985-90. (PIETRASANTA) 8 meters for the “International sculpture park project” in ITALY. He made a monumental statue of

The artist has paintings in private and official collections in France, the USA, Switzerland, Finland and Turkey. He lived and worked between Istanbul, Bodrum and Paris.