Colorful exhibition of master brush Nuri Sezen in Antalya

Painter from Antalya, Nuri Sezen, opened a personal painting exhibition titled 'Living the Republic with Art' as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey. The interest of artists and art lovers to the exhibition was intense.

Muratpaşa Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Director Gülnur Karaaslan, painter Nuri Sezen and painters of Yediarıklar Art Group cut the ribbon of the exhibition opened at Aydın Kanza Fine Arts Gallery. The exhibition, which included 30 works depicting the love of nature and the republic, painted by Sezen with his unique techniques, was visited accompanied by a recital by folk poets.


Painter Nuri Sezen, who retired after working as an art teacher in various provinces and finally as a manager at the Antalya State Fine Arts Gallery, has so far produced serial works such as pomegranate flowers, mountains, mountain goats, soil roofs in villages, women working in the fields, billy goat zeybeks, Çanakkale Victory, Atatürk. He produced numerous works on many subjects, such as the arrival of 's arrival in Samsun and the 23rd of April Feast, and opened personal painting exhibitions. Sezen trained dozens of painters in his workshop and brought them to Antalya.

Nuri Sezen also owns printed books

Nuri Sezen, a painter who is a lover of nature and nature creatures, has published folkloric books called 'Book of the Village', 'Language of the Village', 'Goats in the World of Yörüks', as well as his printed works called 'Fundamentals of Visual Aesthetics' and 'Basic Sources of Art', which can be used as a resource for artists. He also has a catalog called 'Pattern-Without Joint'.