Who is Çiğdem Burçak Telli?

Sections from the life story of Çiğdem Burçak Telli, one of Ankara’s important artists, are as follows:
He was born in Antakya in 1958. He is of Circassian, Abzex origin. He graduated from Gazi Education Institute, Department of Painting in 1978. She published an illustrated children’s book in 1980. In 1992, he was a member of the Painting Specialization Commission of the Ministry of Education and Training Board. He completed his undergraduate education at Gazi University Faculty of Fine Arts in 1994. In the same year, she started teaching art at the Fine Arts High School.

In 1995, she became a founding member of the Ankara Fine Arts Gallery Preservation and Sustainment Association. In 1999, she became a member of the Turkish-Hungarian Culture and Friendship Association. The artist, who opened personal exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions and various art events at home and abroad, still continues his work in Ankara.

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