İş Sanat Kibele Art Gallery started the new exhibition season with the exhibition titled "Retrospective" by Berna Türemen, one of the important representatives of contemporary Turkish painting. Türemen's works, in which he pursues cat motifs and the "symphony of the universe", can be viewed free of charge at Kibele Art Gallery every day until December 18.
The main feature of Berna Türemen's works, which are based on "naivety and naiveté", is her view of life and her formal approach, for which she has written many articles on the works of critics, academics, scientists and artists from different disciplines.

Critic and writer Gültekin Elibal said about Türemen: "Undoubtedly, Berna is an artist of a 'golden-hearted' narrative world... In other words, he should be considered among the artists who portray reality through the eyes of the public." With his words, he refers to the naive painters of Paris' Sacré-Coeur (Sacred Heart). While it is known that the common view of 'naivety' about Türemen has a metaphorical meaning, he is seen as a force that is brought to account with the 'reality', and in his works, he encounters the practice on the street and creates the power of reckoning in contrast.

In Berna Türemen's compositions with cats, the direct entry of the motif into the painting brings a different dimension to the content problem, and it is envisaged to perceive a metaphorical level where the motif is met with personalization criteria. Writers, critics and art historians agree that Türemen identified the cat figure with himself and tried to leave a symbolic "rake mark" on every event that took place around him by using the naivety of cats.

Türemen's works, which influenced many master artists of his period, can be viewed free of charge at Kibele Art Gallery every day until December 18. Kibele Art Gallery can be visited free of charge every day between 09.00 and 19.00.

Source: https://www.murekkephaber.com/is-sanat-kibele-sanat-galerisi-nde-berna-turemen-retrospektif-i/16413/